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I Am Singh (2011)

Neo-Nazis and bigoted police oppress and target vulnerable Sikhs & Asians in post 9-11 America.Chandigarh-born Harjeet Kaur sits on a bench on America's 'Ground Zero' during the year 2011, & narrates the story that has impacted and shattered her life following the terrorist attacks of 9-11. Caucasian males start by attacking Hindus, Sikhs, Islamist near Mandirs, Gurdwaras, and Masjids, racially profiling them as terrorists and not only threatening them but also assaulting and killing them. While her sons, Ajit and Vikram, and husband, Ranjeet, were returning home from their restaurant in Los Angeles, in the company of their friends, Rizwan and Anwar Haider, they are confronted by a group of armed and belligerent Neo-Nazis, told to return back to their respective countries, threatened and humiliated. When the group attempt to defend themselves, they are attacked, Vikram is shot dead, and Ranjeet is badly injured. The Los Angeles Police Department arrive on the scene, the Neo-Nazis flee, and the cops arrest Ajit on weapons-related charges. Harjeet telephones her third son, Ranveer, in India, who travels to the U.S. to assist the devastated family. With Ajit in police custody; his father hospitalized, and Vikram dead, he sets forth to find answers. He will soon discover that there are many victims of 'hate-crimes' and the tyranny and oppression was not just inflicted on them but also on other Asia-Americans - including Rizwan himself - who was arrested, tortured and held in a cell for months; his engagement to Sara Hasan annulled; as well as the plight of LAPD Constable Fateh Singh - who was dismissed summarily as he refused to take off his Pagdi (turban). As he seeks answers, the police hide behind bureaucracy and red-tape and attempt to maintain that the attack was 'gang-related' - leaving the assailants to carry on with impunity.

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